Predicting Heart Failures using Supervised Learning Techniques


It has been a difficult journey and I am in Week 6.5 of Metis Data Scientist BootCamp. Through writing daily coding exercises, I have developed some Python programming mind muscle. This week I present Project 3 “Predicting Heart Failure using Supervised Learning Techniques”. I dig deep into the wonderful world of Exploratory Data Analysis, Feature Selection, Train / Test data on models , Cross Validate the data, Tune Parameters for Best Performance, Cross Validate the data again and Display Findings. This time I find myself going through the project with relative ease. I completed the exercise feeling more confident as a promising Data Scientist. The future is looking brighter and brighter as I approach the end of the 12 week BootCamp. You will find the details of my project here. 5.5weeks to go. Wish me Success as I code my way to the end of this Boot Camp.

You Only Live Once. Make the Best of it.